All year around there is always something to celebrate and you may find your own higlight among the events. Below is a selection of major events that occur during the year.

Upcoming events we recommend

Staare 2018
Category: Conferences/Meetings, Other events
Date: 5 Feb 2018 - 11 Feb 2018
Nordiska Ungdomsspelen
Arena/Place: Östersund
Category: Sport
Date: 23 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Swedish Cup Final Östersund FK - IFK Norrköping
Arena/Place: Jämtkraft arena
Category: Sport
Date: 5 May 2018
Trotting Weekend
Arena/Place: Östersundstravet
Category: Sport
Date: 8 Jun 2018 - 9 Jun 2018
Östersunds FK - Arsenal
Arena/Place: Jämtkraft arena
Category: Sport
Date: 15 Feb 2018
World Championship Curling for Seniors and Mixed Double
Category: Sport
Date: 21 Apr 2018 - 28 Apr 2018
Arena/Place: Rådhusplatsen
Category: Sport
Date: 6 Jun 2018
Storsjöcupen 2018
Arena/Place: Odensala Sportfält
Category: Sport
Date: 2 Jul 2018 - 7 Jul 2018

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