Moose Garden

Address: Orrviken 215, 831 94 ORRVIKEN Show map

Address: Orrviken 215, 831 94 ORRVIKEN

Guided tours. You will see moose calves, moose cows and big moose bulls. All the moose are very tame and social and you will be able to pet them and take some lovely photos.

A tour takes around 1 hour. Unique moose products such as moose paper, moose notes, moose waffles, moose soap, etc.

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About this activity

  • Phone booking
    +46 (0)70 363 60 61
  • E-mail (Organizer)
  • Website
  • Opening hours
    Guided tours summer time
  • Facilities
  • Eat & Drink on site
  • Price information
    Adults SEK 225, children 5-15 years SEK 130, children 0-4 years free entrance

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